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 Raipur Economy

Historically, when Raipur was a part of Madhya Pradesh, it was the second major commercial centre in Madhya Pradesh after Indore. Traditionally, Raipur's economy has been based on agricultural-processing, Steel,Cement,Alloy, Poha and Rice. The city is located centrally in the state of Chhattisgarh, and now serves as a regional hub for trade and commerce for a variety of local agricultural and forest products.

The traditional face of city has changed with Raipur becoming an important regional commercial and industrial destination for the coal, power, steel and aluminium industries. Raipur is Largest market of Steel in India. Raipur is among the richest cities and India’s biggest iron market; there are about 200 steel rolling mills, 195 sponge iron plants, more than 6 steel plants, 500 agro-industries and more than 35 ferro-alloy plants. There are more than 800 rice milling plants, and all major and local cement manufacturing companies(Century Cement, Ambuja, Grasim, Lafarg) have a presence in the city. Raipur also has a big chemical plant which produces formalin and distributes throughout the country. Raipur has a Wagon repair shop, where wagons of goods trains are repaired.A heavy machinery plant of Jindal group is situated in raipur. Sponge iron plants of major steel companies including Monnet, NECO are situated in raipur.L.P.G BOTTLING Plants of Bharat Petrolium and Hindustan Petrolium are also present in the city. Wikipedia